Monday 20 June 2011


Sorry, yet another post about Ikea. But I have a bit of a thing about the store just now. I have been busy finishing off the new En suite with bits and bobs which has of course meant visits three weeks on the trot. To be honest its actually a great place to go with the kids. Finn loves it and is well behaved, eats the food etc etc and its really baby friendly for Nevie. Anyway this is my latest thing, don't you just love this candlestick- I had seen it in a couple of magazines and the Beloved Homes Ikea book (currently my favourite reading) and was delighted to find its only £4.99!! Definitley next purchase. Its just so mmm Scandinavian isn't it!

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  1. Ended up going to Ikea to get one - what would I do without your style advice ?


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