Sunday, 26 August 2012

Catch up Sunday

Mmmmm just a little bit obsessed with collage making just now- don't worry I will get it out of my system soon .......!

So in no particular order here is some weekend business;

*tea set fun.
*dinner for an old friend
*gardening (for that read watering fun)
*solo coffee while boy at his Spanish class (start em young!)

Hope you all had restful, fun ones too, Jxx

{posted twice today- see my post on Folklore Cabin here}

The Folklore Cabin

So I won my first giveaway- From Monika's fab blog Today I-Hurrah! It came totally out of the blue, cheered me up and it was lovely to meet Allie from Sleepy Northwest, the owner of Etsy shop Folklore Cabin and the maker of the perfect hairband above. Please check out Allie's blog, her images have a dreamy aesthetic and she has just started a creative writing course of which I am more than a little envious. Very best of luck with that Allie, Jxx

{Posting twice today- see my other catch up here}

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Kind Award

Caroline from one of my favourite spaces Scraps of Us blog gave me a lovely Liebster award. I was over the moon to receive this.Please visit Caroline- she takes beautiful images. I currently love this one of her pictures- the dark leaves are so restful and evocative.

The word Liebster means dearest in German and the award is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers as a way of raising their profile and to encourage new bloggers. 

I need to and want to pass this onto 5 blogs that I read and love. Here are my five and sorry if you have had this before and don't feel any pressure to do it.
Little Sleep
My Rainbow Vintage Home
This Girl Is....
The Last Day of May

{Image from Caroline at Scraps of Us- find the original post here}

Sunday, 19 August 2012

On the deck

The trouble with my favourite subjects is that they NEVER stay still!

On the deck of the wee chalet we stayed in at Dunoon. Hope you are all having a restful, happy weekend.


Friday, 17 August 2012

Secret Bay

We wrung the very last out of the days before the boy started school- a long weekend in Dunoon. Sunny days and a secret beach that was breathtakingly beautiful. Ostell Bay near Tignabruich- no signs, just the sight of the bay on the map and lots of cars parked in a layby told us it was something special.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Friendship Rings

The response to my last post meant so much to me- all of you who left such kind comments- thank you with all my heart.

In the spirit of that post we spent last Sunday with very old friends- some of us have been setting the world to rights round coffee tables, dinner tables, bar tables for nigh on 24 years.  Now our children play together, forge allegiances- it touched us all to watch this.

I was amazed at the capacity of the huge low coffee table in the middle of the room that managed to take dinner for 5 adults and five kiddos, assorted cups of tea, wine, juice, toys, mobile phones etc etc It has been with my friend since her single partying days and has seen life evolve from lots of wine glass rings to tea rings to crayon marks from her girls and slowly but surely the emergence of the wine rings again- the continuum of life and we raised a toast to the next 24 years.

I hope your weekend is bright and happy, Jo xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012


My very talented friend Jacqui McIntosh painted this a long time ago.  It was to illustrate some pages in a school magazine which had a poem of mine amongst other things there- I wish very much I had the original watercolour.

It reminds me today of happy times in the past and of a friend I lost recently.  All of these thoughts lead me to conclude I must get my contact with friends in a better place than it is just now.  Life, especially with young children just speeds past and before you know it literally decades have past.

A reflective Sunday for me. But looking forward to what the week ahead brings.

Jo xx

Saturday, 4 August 2012


A catch up from round these parts. Not strictly all on Friday but images from our week. It's been good to feel some sun on our faces and watch the clouds move and change on a rug in the back garden!

1. Cloud watching.
2. Baking bread.
3. Homemade Hummus.
4. New playsuit for the bubba.
5. Boys crafty ice cream with real sprinkles! (with Lou's exceptional print in the background)
6. New (to me) cookbook!
7. Stripes at the Transport museum.
8. A close door.

Hope you are all having a bright and happy weekend, Jo xx

{Linked to the lovely James at Bluebird Vintage Blog}