Monday, 30 April 2012

Unexpected Monday!

I am a fiend for worrying- I worry if I have done enough, worked hard enough, been kind enough- helped enough. You know it all gets quite exhausting worrying as much as I do! So today was one of those days that just make you happy, loved and accepted.

Me and the wee one had lunch with my dear friend Richard. In between the whims of a toddler we talked interiors, namely Richard's great taste and all about his wee orphan lamb they are hand rearing on their smallholding. And you remember those 'wowls', well Richard gave me a pair- I was well, stoked.

The lunch venue had a few of our fav charity shops next door and two tiny dishes and a some more table linen later we returned home.

Meanwhile the postman had delivered a squishy parcel from my lovely sister in law. It contained a beautiful scarf, well its a cowl really, knitted in the softest, cosiest merino wool. It was in a recent Molly Makes and I am quite honoured that my Sister in Law's Mum knitted it for me. A big thank you.

There was also a card for the kiddos which invites us all to my Brother and Sister in Law's new home for lunch soon- Finn was delighted and so are we.

I hope you all had as good a Monday, Jo xx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

A Night Away

We got that night away..... At the Tormaukin Hotel. Hill of hares it means. It was a lovely. Great food, really friendly owners and for us that all important chill out time. The huge claw foot bath was bliss....

In a nearby village we found a really quirky coffee shop. We got some great gifts for the kiddos and well someone got a new owl bag....

Hope you all had a relaxing weekend, Jo xx

Friday, 27 April 2012

Happy Friday!

Well so you know how a Thursday goes in my house- this is a Friday. And lest you think I am rather fond of a small libation mmmmm small children kinda lead you to a wee drink when they are snuggled at the end of the week!

Friday involves David and I having a  lovely gin and tonic. Tonight's one was made with a very special gin from Demijohn on Byres Road in Glasgow, I can testify that this gin is super smooth and very yum. If you are in Glasgow you must check Demijohn out.

And yes those are dry roasted peanuts- what else would a seventies obsessive snack on!

Have a lovely weekend everyone, Jo xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Anna Ådén Photography

Currently a bit fixated on these images from the very talented Anna Aden. Please check out her blog and work here. 

Its all my dreams and my love of Sweden mixed up- such arresting images.

I found them via the beautiful Cat at Take Courage blogspot. Check Cat out too- great style.

Happy Thursday everyone, Jxxx

{Thanks to Anna for permission to use these images}

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Slides from the 70's

Mmmm rubbish heading- photo slides I mean not the slides my kiddos love!

So I think my 70's retro obsession is having an effect on my folks! I have a few great pics of them from the 70's and they have a handful of snaps in a wee album. However my Dad recently found a load of slides and you know what he just got them put on a disc. I was super happy to see some of them yesterday and I just had to share my favourite with you! This was taken in 71 at Chester Zoo. Aren't they a cool pair- Go Mum! Just wish she had kept that dress!

Hope you are all having a great week despite the rain deluge! Jxx

Monday, 23 April 2012


Wowls- that is the bubba's name for them just now! Aren't these lovely! They belong to my friend Richard- one of my closest friends with whom I share many similar loves and likes. He has a stunning home- can you see that wallpaper?

I believe these candle holders were from Tesco. Sadly I see them no more. Tesco can be like that- you see something you love and when its gone its gone!

If he lets me I might show you some more of his home sometime!

Thank you Rich- love ya! Jxx

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tea Cakes!

Tunnocks Tea Cakes for the first time- mmmmmm not the healthiest snack but once in a while- no harm done! We got the play house back up again, so lots of garden play and cups of tea of course!

Hope you all had a great weekend too, Jo x

Friday, 20 April 2012

Lou's print and a big thank you!

I was really overwhelmed by everyone's lovely comments on my last post. It is such a big thing for me that I have 'met' so many great people through this wee blog. The fact you read, comment and in turn inspire me with your own places on the net is just brilliant!

Lou from Little Green Shed's print  'Spring Flowers' arrived today- And I think its just beautiful! In fact for just now it has a home on my Nana's sideboard. Check out Lou's blog- its an inspiring read.

I wish you all a fab weekend- Love Jo xx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Till Tuesday

A special Tuesday- David and I are 8 years married today! We are having a wee night away coming up soon so for today we just had a nice family meal and the kiddos and I had our usual Tuesday.

My retro pudding quest is taking on a bit of an obsession now. Today I attempted my Mum's family favourite- pineapple upside down cake. I dropped the Glace cherries- just can't take them seriously and well they taste pretty yuck! {a pic at your request Zoe!}

Nursery, play group in the morning and trip to the park and the shops in the afternoon.

1. The wee ones favourite snuggle blankie.
2. New picture arrangement- some of mama's old pics, some new thrifted ones.
3. Quilt washing and drying in between hailstone showers!
4. Wee ones fav books of the moment.
5. Postcards from Kerry- Seventy Tree, Lou- Little Green Shed and Fine Little Day.
7. Cooking!
8. Mmmm nice wee teak candle holder- thrifted for pennies today.
9. Ta Da! Pineapple upside down cake!

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Friday was the last day of the Easter holidays, and our last totally free day with no set plans, places to be! I decided on the spur of the moment to take the children to the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

Its funny isn't it how you take places you have on your doorstep for granted- I had such a wake up call when we stepped into the huge Victorian green houses in the Botanics. They are totally and utterly beautiful, amazingly atmospheric, so child friendly and such lovely things to take in and look at everywhere.

We took a picnic and the kiddos were super excited that David met us for a coffee while they munched on their lunch in the Kibble Palace.

Most people in Glasgow have many memories of the Botanics- its the place you would go on a first date, take your baby for the first outing, take your visiting parents, seek solace. I have done a few of these things and also celebrated the end of an awful relationship with iced buns and a good friend in the Kibble Palace!

On Friday and all weekend I have felt very happy and blessed to be right where I should be just now and able to enjoy such good times with my wee family.

I hope you have all had a peaceful, relaxed weekend.

Thursday, 12 April 2012


You know what I love more than anything these days- Thursday nights (I finish work for the week)! We get the Kiddos off to bed. While David says a final good night to the boy I come downstairs and tidy up. Put the toys away, wipe the breakfast bar and bring out the adult place settings (thank you Nicky), the wine glasses etc and then I cook something nice for us both.

Tonight was Caesar Salad with Crispy Chicken.

The rest of the week tea time usually involves coercing the boy to eat and helping the bubba to manage eating. Not much room for me to eat and food is definitely just re-fuelling! This is just for now anyway- family meals will develop I am sure!

So D and I just love a wee peaceful night clinking glasses and enjoying chat and food- re-charging our batteries!

Happy Thursday everyone,

Love Jo x

PS the poppy plate is Elizabethan 'Carmen'- very vibrant colours!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Till Tuesday

Not the usual amount of photos today, sorry. The kiddos wouldn't stay still in the house and we were out and about a lot today at playgroup, the library, the shops! Tried really hard to day to make every minute count with the kids before back to work and nursery tomorrow.

I cooked Magic Lemon pudding for the first time after being just about to cook Lisa-Marie's beautiful looking lemon cake I found myself reading my Mum's cookery book and was waylaid a bit by this pudding. My MIL comes for dinner on a Tuesday and she does love a pudding. Anyway suffice to say the magic works- sauce and sponge appeared- although I may add a little more flour next time to try and make the sponge a bit more substantial. Oh and it worked with oat milk and vegan spread which is good to know!

1. Gratuitous shot of new glass dish (thrifted at weekend in Perth) with my treasured catherineholm creeping into shot!
2. My Mum's much loved and used 70's cookery book.
3. Lemon pudding that we made today!

Sunday, 8 April 2012


Easter is a special family time with us- its been great so far, spending time with loved ones. Oh and lots of chocolate too! Hope you are having a lovely break, Jo xx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Thursday (my Friday!)

So here is my lush greenness from Nicky at Raggle Taggle Hawker. The flower power mats and 70's drinks tray are so fab! I love them.

I finish for the week on a Thursday so a wee glass of red is in order tonight!

Oh and if you can identify who painted that picture I will properly reward you- Despite many, many attempts I have never been able too!

Have a lovely Easter break everyone- D and I had a lovely meal tonight and are looking forward to a chilled Easter.

Jo xx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Till Tuesday

It has been ages since I did one of my weekly 'Till Tuesday's'. Not quite sure how that has happened!

Good old Easter egg hunt at the play group this morning- both kiddos snaffled lots of chocolate and ran off lots of energy!

A lovely parcel from Nicky at Raggle Taggle Hawker to open- I will show you the contents later in the week but in the meantime please check out Nicky's Etsy shop. If you like the same sort of retro stuff as me you will just die when you see the amazing stuff Nicky has- and all at a very fair price. She is super nice too.

Sadly as predicted the weather has turned to snow and sleet here today, but despite that we managed a wee walk in the woods and gathered lots of spring greenery and flowers! Bluebells I love- I just wish they lasted longer indoors. I think they are just trying to tell me- 'we look better wild!'.

And yes that is a vase made out of an old Calpol bottle! The boy decided to hand craft that for me! A scrap of materiel glued onto the bottle.

The boy and I decorated a twig with wee Easter eggs that believe it or not came from Poundland! We haven't done so much Easter decorating before but well the kids love doing and making so we gave it a go. Easter bonnet's are in production but the bubba's habit of eating the glue stick is slowing down proceedings!!

Oh and I made an Eve's pudding- easy and yummy- recipe from here. This is more or less the way my Mum made it when we were wee.

Hope you are all having a lovely week, Jo xx