Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Hearts for February

I don't think that I am the only one getting through January with the odd indulgent treat. Shhhhhhhhh but I have bought a few things from the Tatty Devine sale. The little biscuit heart necklace is so delicate and pretty that it inspired me and the children to make and decorate some hanging hearts. 

Two Christmas's ago, I saw Karen's (from A Quiet Corner) branch that she put up for hanging decorations from - then when my neighbour offered me some twisted hazel I took a branch and it has been hanging there ever since. We use it at Christmas, Valentines, Easter and its default is birds and owls of course!

We cut heart shapes from strong red card and stuck them together with pink string to hang them. Then we decorated them with paint, glitter pens and stickers. We meant to do more of them but got a little bit waylaid by hand painting and those butterfly painting you make by folding the paper over some paint splodges! 

I rather like them, ushering in St Valentines in a few weeks as they do, and the kiddos are very proud. We think they go well with the  toadstools and birds- our midwinter decorations.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Candles and keeping warm hearted

I refuse to be down or deprived in January - a very slow move back into the normal routine is so much easier for the spirit than feeling the weight of new resolutions on your shoulders or total abstinence. I am brightening up our home with candles and with warming food and drink. 

Warming my heart and spirit is Beth Kirby's writing on Local Milk - her beautiful pictures and evocative writing are a constant source of inspiration. There is a mindfulness of the seasons, a care for the past as well as hope for the future in her writing that chimes with my own thoughts and feelings. Her aesthetic is at once so new and fresh but forever ancient - her current post on her 'heart of winter' is just exceptional. Take a look if you don't know her work already, and I am certainly going to be making the hot buttered cider soon.......

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Last days

We have been savouring the final days of the holidays. Busy with family for Christmas and New Year  - which we have been reconnected with, just made our Holiday season. 

For the last few days when we were just the four of us, we took time to get out for a family walk and a VERY optimistic first picnic of the year! Not bad for 2nd January! A pizza and bowling trip was brilliant fun and we are planning monthly family days like this. 

We rounded off the hols with a beautiful meal with friends and some wild Wii playing from the children (and one competitive adult! ). Thank you Nic and Gordie (Nic's lovely picture is the final one). 

Lets get the first day back done! Good luck everyone! Jo xx