Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Parade

I am linking into Heather's Easter Parade here today. I am so happy to have recently become virtually acquainted with Heather. She is amongst other things, a wonderful folk artist from America. I have quite fallen for her work that you can see on her blog Audrey Eclectic, please do have a look at her paintings.

Linking up has made me think about Easter weekend and what a special family time it is for us. I have often thought 'oh we don't do anything too much at Easter'; but well we do. There are less of us together these days, but my family still get together and with the children we paint eggs, roll them, eat chocolate, go for walks, we visit the Church I went to as a child, have a lovely meal together and give thanks for all that we have.

I hope that whatever you are doing this weekend that you are all together and making the most of the weak spring sunshine that I can see out the window as I type. I must go now, there is a table to be laid and a meal to be eaten!


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday so soon

And so here we are back at Sunday night again, how, tell me how, does it always come round so quickly?

You know I don't really mind tonight as we had a fun time, it was quiet, all together with lots of good memories to see me through till Thursday and the Easter hols and some time off.

I hope you all had some great weekend down time too, Jo xx

1. New Spring sideboard - Print by Anna at Goldlion.
2/3. Beautiful vintage Galt puzzles.
4. Sweet Deer tattoo for the wee one.
5. A wee rascal!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Life Recollections - Touchstones

I always remember my father telling me that he was very upset by Bob Dylan admitting that there was not too much deep meaning behind many of his songs. For a sensitive youth who lived and died by some of those words my father never quite got over the disappointment.

This story has stuck with me, and as I get older a feeling of disconnect and disappointment gets keener with my own touchstones. I can imbue things, keepsakes, and indeed memories of events with such heightened emotional content, that inevitably I end up disappointed when I compare my interior life with that of others.

In our lounge we have a framed Indian door pennant, bought over a decade ago for me from Portobello Road market by someone I love very much. I framed it in old gold and it sits like some ancient artifact above a door. Reunited again after years apart he had no memory of it, and that made me so sad for a while. I do know however the amount of water that has passed under our respective bridges over the years, but it crystallised for me the meaning that I can impart to things that others have no awareness of. If you want to live with only authentic emotion it goes with the territory that you will often be left a little out on your own.

He did however remember the relief of cold drinks on a warm day, and happiness at seeing a familiar face during a difficult time. I guess we all have different ways of remembering and I just need to hold onto that.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to everyone! I love the end of the week, Friday nights are always happy ones in this house.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads and leaves such lovely comments. Its easy to say how much they mean to me, but my goodness its true.

Here is this mornings find, picked up whilst the wee one and I braved the snow to do some errands. She very happily found a wee Peppa car (minus George!) in the Charity Shop too.

And thanks to the lovely lady in the library who cancelled by not insubstantial fines (and told me I should spend them on wine!). We need reminded sometimes of the kindness of strangers.

Have a brilliant weekend, keep warm and will for Spring as hard as you can!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Nature in the Home

Just picked from the garden. Dewy, pastel hued beauty, a perfect match to Meg's pink cheeks!

Joining in with Lou's Nature in the Home series.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Raindrops, Cakes and Cups

I have always been fascinated by the sparkle in a raindrop- such beauty and promise. Here are a few things that have been happening in my world over the last week.

1. Raindrops on my wet walk round the streets of my hometown.
2. Coffee and cakes with my Mum and the kiddos.
3. In print, in my favourite paper - find my article here in Saturday's Guardian Family section.
4. At last I found some Empire Checkmate, isn't it beautiful?

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hearts and Flowers

They go beautifully together, hearts and flowers don't they? Tight budded roses in candy colours for Mothers Day and a lovely wooden heart that my little boy picked especially for me.

{Linking in with Lou from Little Green Shed's series 'Nature in the Home'}