Thursday, 28 June 2012

Catching up with myself...

So here we go- and it really should have been several posts - this is what I have been up to for the last wee while.

1. Garden fun with the little one in the warm days.
2. Our sunny spot.
3. French and Grace- mezze recipes- yum.
4. Candles.
5. Bibi's lunch with Richard-amazing handmade tiles.
6. New Figgjo Flint coffee pot- See I have no restraint when it is vintage Scandi pottery!
7. The boys graduation lunch (from nursery!)
8. D and I had a rare lunch date and cinema trip this week.

All good and a little bird tells me I am getting a new camera for my birthday next week. Very excited about getting some clearer pics up on the blog sometime soon.

Have a lovely day and weekend when it comes, Jo xx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Once only!

Ok, so you asked and here I am in those huge sunglasses! Only keeking round the mirror mind- I am shy.

 I really loved that you gave me some details about your style, and those you admire. I am definitely adding a striped top to my want list! Thank you all of you- its great to know more about you.

A longer catch up post planned when I can get my laptop, my photos and my hard drive to co-operate with each other!

Till then, (halfway through the week!) take care, Jo xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012

And it all comes back to Ali

So I am not in the habit of posting about fashion or style but Ali is just my most major influence. That last post about the sunglasses made me have a think. And you know I guess it all comes back to my beautiful mother. The way I look and my own sense of style has become a bit secondary in recent years. Comes with the mama territory I think. But always in my head there I am- that 70's boho with an edge look that Ali MacGraw just did so effortlessly. As I get older and a bit surer about myself it all comes back to me- less of the goth chick style of my try too hard youth and more just me being me. It does all come full circle I suppose and these pics of my mum interspersed with a few of my fave Ali pics just look so right.

I would love to hear about your style and what your influences are- and I really appreciate you visiting me here. Your comments are very important to me. Hope your weekend has been fab.

Jo xx

{Oh and I have had these images for a while so bar the credited one they are out there on the web- just google and see so many other beautiful images of Ali}

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


New sunnies for the summer. Vintage 70's Viennaline. Think Ali Macgraw. Sold to me by a hipster on Ebay who bought them in Berlin- think that sold them to me. No pic of me in them (yet) as, well I am not a hipster and I don't think this is that type of blog, though who knows maybe once I dye the one inch grey roots on my hair!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Hey Friday!

So tonight D and I are drinking red wine watching Punk Britannia and thinking of our misspent youth- Not bad!

Happy Friday everyone and I so much appreciate you visiting here and commenting. Your support is great, Jo xx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Till Tuesday

Lost a bit of my blogging way just now- I am sure I will find a way back soon.

So for now;

1. 70's and 80's Shirley Hughes for the bundles. Loved her when I was wee and they love her now.
2. New green thrifted wineglasses- kitchen glasses as I call them.
3. Two cheeky monkeys!

That's all for now and have a lovely week everyone, Jo xx

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Loved and lost.....

I know what you are thinking- the teapot alone is worth the £6 price tag for that pattern- but you know I don't need anymore teapots/coffee pots (seriously)! And yes I did walk away- purely fiscal reasons peeps!

You know what I think- Emily over at Beetle Shack would love this- just like her logo -no?

Happy Thursday everyone, Jo xx

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ettrick Bay

Nothing better than a beach trip when you are a kid or a grown up come to think of it! Yesterday we took the ferry to Bute and the bus to Ettrick Bay. It was great to see the children enjoying the lovely beach- well one of them anyway. The wee one was a bit under the weather. Quiet day today to recover.

That believe it or not is the boys first ice cream cone- he has had an aversion to it as a substance up till now.

Jo xx