Thursday 1 September 2011

Ferm Living

Sorry its yet another post about something I love! I promise I will get back to my own escapades soon.

Ferm Living is a Danish company that I have been watching for a while now. They do some fantastic bedside tables like little houses that attach to the wall- and also some amazing wallpaper, posters and objects. Not only do I love the Nordic colour palate of these candle holders I also love that the idea behind them came from the Disney cartoon 'Lady and the Tramp'.- 'In one of the famous scenes, Lady and the Tramp share a candlelit dinner at Tony's. On the table you see a winebottle with a candle in it. We wanted to recreate the "candle in a bottle" feel with a twist. So we twisted some wood and played with different colour combinations'.

I think its great that they are wood made to look like the student staple candle holder!
You can find all their lovely goodness here.

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