Tuesday 17 January 2012

Till Tuesday

A busy but happy Tuesday. Nursery, play group, lovely lunch with an old friend, some baking and crafting and the usual clear up. Here is the detail in the pictures;

1. First snowdrops in the woods.
2. Morning light through our stained glass.
3. Sweet cardigan from a friend for little N.
4. Snuggling under quilts.
5. Oranges boiling for choccy orange cake.
6. Finn's beautiful crafting- a fancy nest for a wee bird apparently!
7. My lovely new cards from Seventy Tree (with some more Aubrey fabric in the middle frame!)
8. N's first taste of a chocolate eclair brought by a good friend- yum!

Happy Tuesday, J x


  1. I saw my first snow drop of the year on Monday. It always makes me so happy. Your Seventy Tree cards are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I love spotting the first snowdrops of the year - such a good feeling knowing spring is on it's way.

  3. Thank you both of you- So nice of you to comment. I really appreciate it, Have a great weekend, Jo xx

  4. that quilt is super lovely!


  5. Thank you Nicole and Elisabeth! I really appreciate you visiting- it makes my day! Jo x


It is always amazing to know you read and comment - so thank you very much.