Saturday 4 August 2012


A catch up from round these parts. Not strictly all on Friday but images from our week. It's been good to feel some sun on our faces and watch the clouds move and change on a rug in the back garden!

1. Cloud watching.
2. Baking bread.
3. Homemade Hummus.
4. New playsuit for the bubba.
5. Boys crafty ice cream with real sprinkles! (with Lou's exceptional print in the background)
6. New (to me) cookbook!
7. Stripes at the Transport museum.
8. A close door.

Hope you are all having a bright and happy weekend, Jo xx

{Linked to the lovely James at Bluebird Vintage Blog}


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lou! Its much admired that print! Jxx

  2. I've always wanted to try homemade humus but sadly I never get around to it. (I am such a procrastinator!) x

    1. Thanks Col- its the River Cottage recipe- peanut butter in place of tahini!! Very easy and tasty! Hope all well with you, Jxx

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you- its a bit grainy as taken on the iphone but it captures the lovely fluffy shape! Hope its sunny with you, Jxx

  4. Hi Jo,

    Writing to let you know you are the winner of the giveaway.
    If you could contact Allie at Folklore Cabin. Thank you for taking part in the giveaway!.


  5. Thanks for your reply, no worries! enjoy your prize!


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