Wednesday 24 July 2013

Time out

A precious morning alone was intensely needed. Two weeks of family holiday can be hard work with two young children. The squabbling, the shouting, the endless cleaning, entertaining, later bedtimes and very early mornings. We even felt this year we had very little by way of evenings as by the time they were sleeping we were shattered too. But, they are amazing wee people, as complex and trying as both their parents. And no one really ever says how hard but rewarding family holidays can be, do they? I remember my parents frustration as well, I'm sure we all can. 

So for an hour, thanks to D amusing the kiddos, I stayed in Reading Lasses, I caught up on emails, I browsed the shelves, sipped coffee and contemplated the next few days before we returned to 'real life'. Reading Lasses is a women's book shop in Wigtown, Scotland's book town. 

I have written about our love of Wigtown before. Taking time out in Galloway is a little like money in the bank for D and I. Just today in my minds eye I could see myself on the road to Cruggleton Church, the kids singing in the back of the car, green hedgerows and that expansive Galloway sky above, feeling belonging and a relationship to the landscape we have never felt so strongly anywhere else. Until the next time......


  1. That sounds really wonderful. I'm glad you had the chance to relax alone and in such an interesting place, it sounds to me.

  2. Yes, family holidays can be as exhausting as they are wonderful. The lack of routine and later bedtimes/earlier starts take their toll on everyone. But how good to be given a couple of hours to re-charge by your lovely man. xx

  3. I love WIgtown! I think family holidays always involve a degree of frustration and fractiousness, because everyone has an ideal in their mine (even wee ones) and you're working to acheive as much of all of them as possible!


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