Monday 12 August 2013

Wild Berries

Before we bought our house, when it was empty, we would park at the edge of the woods and walk along the path to peek in the open back door to the garden. I felt a prickle of magic then and don't think it has ever left me. Every day I'm thankful for that back door to the woods.

These last few days the children and I have been picking brambles and wild raspberries on every walk. I'm stowing away the brambles in bags in the freezer till I have enough for bramble jelly. 

Bramble jelly is the most wonderful of preserves, it's jewelled, almost black colour and amazing aromatic depth of flavour are like nothing else. Making my beloved jelly in the next few weeks will just about ease my sadness at Autumn's creeping fingers - I am not quite ready to give up summer yet!


  1. I'm not ready for autumn either, but there is no denying it's on it's way - it's turning much cooler at night and brambles are appearing. I've made apple and blackberry jam before but never bramble jelly. Your description has made me want to try. x

  2. I don't think I know what brambles are. I'll need to look it up. Autumn is beginning to creep in where I live too; the nights are cooler and the light is changing. The days will still be hot for at least another month but we're definitely feeling the change starting.

  3. I adore autumn ... it is my favourite season ... but summer has been so wonderful this year I don't want to let it go yet either ... wouldn't an indian summer be perfect? ... Bee xx

    PS Your bramble jelly sounds delightful ... x


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