Sunday 22 September 2013

And The Fairies Are Tired......

The wisdom of having our children's birthdays 90 minutes apart was questioned extensively last week and at the weekend! Two parties, two home made cakes on top of work and everything else felt like hard work. But their faces when they saw said cakes, the quiet seconds hush as candles are blown out, wishes are made and happy birthday sung in loud voices makes it all worthwhile.

My Mum always baked my brother and I's birthday cakes, from that very 70's chocolate button and mandarin cake (do you remember it?) to chocolate trains laden with sweeties and Hansel and Gretal houses - to the most magical, a fairy tale book complete with writing, from a Jane Asher book I think.

I treasure these memories, they made me feel special, secure and loved. I want to do the same for my two where I can. That's why I'm tired but happy this Sunday night - two wee children had really happy birthdays and that's worth any tiredness or stress in my book.

(My very talented friend made the sugar paste fairies, I just made their home! In my hand above is how they looked today - a little bit nibbled and very tired!)


  1. Ha, you just took me back to the seventies! I don't think I've eaten mandarin oranges since then.....
    And well done for making both of those cakes (and in the same week!) - I don't know how you did it. Both are fantastic. x

  2. Gorgeous cakes ... you are one very lovely mummy ... Bee xx

  3. Your cakes look wonderful. Are your children's birthdays close together? My children have theirs seventeen days apart. I've been pushing the older one's party to the week after his birthday so that I have a few weeks between the two parties. It's a lot of work!

  4. Those are LOVELY cakes Jo. gorgeous. Your kiddies will remember the effort when they are grey and old. :)


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