Tuesday 2 September 2014

Getting your stride

I was tired on Monday night but I had promised the boy and the dog an evening walk. I had a busy weekend and Mondays are always testing. I just struggled half way round the woods, I was grumpy and really, really wanted to sit down- just for a few minutes. But as I kept going I started to get my stride. Do you know that feeling? When a second wind takes over and your body just moves itself, at a faster pace and you feel ever so slightly revived. My son took my hand we went down his 'secret path' and I really saw the woods again. And in seeing I definitely think the change of seasons is underway. Just look at those snowberries. 


  1. Getting outside can be a real mood changer can't it, I know exactly what you mean and yes the change of seasons in definately in the air....I love autumn.

    1. Thanks Karen- I'm so happy you commented. I feel I've been posting so little I've lost anyone that would have read! So thank you so much! Jo xx ps I love Autumn too!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Amy! So great you read and take the time to comment! Jo xx

  3. Fresh air and a hand to hold; bliss.

  4. I so agree Angel, just the best! Thank you! Jo xx


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