Sunday 14 December 2014

Seed Heads

Seed heads in their dessicated, skeletal beauty. There is something fey and otherworldly about their silent winter appearance. Today they swayed gently in the icy wind, my hand steadying them for a capture. If you teach yourself to stop and look, there is always something, even in the depths of winter within the hedgerows showing you it's simple charm. 


  1. Beautiful! I love dried Hydrangea flowers in the winter - so fragile and such pretty faded colours! xx

  2. I do too Caroline. They are beautiful with their muted colours. Thanks for commenting. Jo xx

  3. It is amazing what nature produces isn't it! xx

  4. I love seed heads. Also, skeletal trees. One of my favourite bits of dog walks is that he stops so often is see more, and notice natural changes daily. It's lovely.

    1. Yes my wee dog is slow now she is older and walks are slower. Love your pup! He is cute! Jxx


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