Friday 3 July 2015

Sands That Change

Beach life is good. Unaccustomed to it as we are, still we manage. And UK, well Scottish beaches are a thing apart. They are all sand and shingle, rock pools and crabs. Sunburn and wind caused goose flesh. Always a mix of extremes- just the way I like it. 

But this year our beach was much changed- swathes of missing sand and newly appeared long, flat rock formations and clusters of boulders like a family of trolls hunkering together in what remained. 

'But it hasn't changed for years', I kept saying to locals. Some looked at me sympathetically, others tried to tell me that the beach changed, subtly, EVERY day. What they were trying to tell me was that you can't keep perfect memories about something that lives and changes, that is in itself a force of nature. Best to embrace the ever changing coastline, to see it for what it is - a metaphor for life. 


  1. I know exactly the feeling you have. We have a favourite, not particularly glamourous, beach near Langbank (Westferry, if you know it). Even the pilings put in to contain some of the sand don't stop the erosion completely. But you are right. You cant hold back life, and everything in nature changes.

  2. What fabulous photos. Love the one of the beach.


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