Sunday 14 August 2011

By Bjor!

 These are pictures from Bjor's blog and shop. You can find her here. Her blog is a real inspiration to me as it shows her beautiful home and family. She lives in the Netherlands and makes lovely jewellery out of buttons. It must be great if your hobby becomes your work- I too like Bjor love buttons. I wish I had kept my Nana's button box!

Her home is a crisp white backdrop to amazing textiles, pottery and other vintage finds. I slipped in a few pictures of her home too. Beautiful!


  1. Lovely! My Mum still has a button box, I remember rummaging through it when I was a child. I got her to post up some buttons for Josie as she also likes playing with them, but instead of sewing them on something (no time/too tired) I've put them into a plastic bottle to make a rattle/noise-maker.

  2. Thanks for your sweet post!


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