Tuesday 2 August 2011

My Red Dress

The picture at the top is like a touchstone to me. Its a tiny old picture I have of my Dad and I outside my Granny's house. I have kept it with me since I left home and it has helped me through so many difficult times. I have tried to analyse what it is that makes it so special to me; and I think its the hand clasp that just showed I was loved and its something to do with the expression on my face- quizzical, cheeky, shy and defiant all at the same time. Its kind of like the essence of me in one expression.

Recently my Mum brought me the red dress, washed and ironed and now my daughter can wear it.

When I got married I wore red. It wasn't a grand statement on my part it was just what I had always known I would wear and for me it was perfect. In my Dads speech he talked about the wee red dress pictured here and it seemed like some things had come full circle.

This weekend I am excited as my brother and his partner get married and again I have a red dress!

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