Thursday 22 March 2012


Thank you Lou for a lovely sunshine award. Its been great to meet you online and I do love your blog and covet your artwork!! 

Oh I just realised that Rebecca at Littletree Designs also gave me an award! I just found her lovely blog recently- check it out.

Ladies I do appreciate this- I am just a bit slow at it all!!

Here are my answers;

Colour: Green- from celadon to neon!
Animal: Oh kiddos put paid to animals! My dog Ella though!
Non-alcoholic drink: Yorkshire tea.
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook
Getting or giving presents: Getting is always nice but giving to the kids is lovely.
Flower: Rose
Pattern: 70's floral everytime!

Passion: My wee family, our health and anything 70's retro (and can I say Courtney Love too!)
Number: 4

I want to pass on sunshine to the following ladies I love reading;
(my usual disclaimer- sorry if you have been inundated- I just think its nice to spread a wee bit of kindness and appreciation- we all need it ! No pressure to carry this on, Jxx)

Little Buckles
This Girl is
Sunken Treasure
Betty Crafter

Jo xx


It is always amazing to know you read and comment - so thank you very much.