Sunday 11 March 2012

Weekend bits

Hope you are all having a great weekend. We are loving the better weather, hence being out in the garden a lot and glimpses of sunshine- it's all good.

I am so happy how well the kids are playing and interacting together these days.

1. Admiring the newly swept garden stairs.
2. Snapped by boy, so no head! My new top with my lovely necklace from A Merry Mishap.
3. Loving this newly thrifted necklace- thinking its very 1980's, Rio!
4. Kiddos in the sunshine at Granny's.
5. Transport Museum trip.


  1. Oh lovely top! We're going to the new transport museum when we come up in June. I'm more excited about that than anything else! x

  2. I love your top and the AMM necklace! x

  3. hello! thank you for stopping by my blog, what lovely garden stairs you have and i love your little peter pan collar. they're all the rage! x

  4. Love that necklace but love your children's hair colour even more x

  5. Thank you everyone- you can see I still haven't worked out the reply function yet!! Can anyone help me!

    Jen, Col and Francesca-The top is Asda- picked up with the shopping but I think its cute- my wardrobe is sorely neglected these days! Jen, we may have to schedule a cuppa in June- you will love the Transport Museum it is brilliant! Thanks Karen I have two bone fide wee Scottish red heads!


It is always amazing to know you read and comment - so thank you very much.