Saturday 13 October 2012

I finally leave the office after the gentle giant of a security guard politely waiting outside my floor asks me to leave. Friday is a blur of loving my two wee souls company, sourcing warm jackets for the biting Fife coastal wind, packing cooking and making sure all precious cuddlies are on board. After dropping off our pooch at my folks finally, finally we are away. It takes until past Bridge of Earn and on the Cupar 913 till the frown constantly on my face mid week starts to smooth out and I begin to feel just a little bit light hearted. I guess I need help with my worries and I'm working on that but getting away, a change of scene with my precious wee family will do for now. Xxxxx


  1. Have a wonderful time Jo. I love Fife, but I have never felt so cold in my life when I stayed in St Andrews in October! Wrap up really warm. x

  2. Have a good rest and a recharge. I hope this eases some of your worries xx

  3. Oh Jo ... I hope you have a wonderful time on your family break ... take the time to chill out and maybe leave some of those worries behind you ... Bee xx


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