Sunday 24 March 2013

Sunday so soon

And so here we are back at Sunday night again, how, tell me how, does it always come round so quickly?

You know I don't really mind tonight as we had a fun time, it was quiet, all together with lots of good memories to see me through till Thursday and the Easter hols and some time off.

I hope you all had some great weekend down time too, Jo xx

1. New Spring sideboard - Print by Anna at Goldlion.
2/3. Beautiful vintage Galt puzzles.
4. Sweet Deer tattoo for the wee one.
5. A wee rascal!


  1. What lovely snippets of your day! And love the little Russian doll on your curtain! So cute :) Nice to meet you~

  2. Great weekend pictures, love those puzzles! x

  3. Look at that pudgy little arm, i could eat it on a spoon! Have a good week.


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