Friday 22 March 2013

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to everyone! I love the end of the week, Friday nights are always happy ones in this house.

I wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads and leaves such lovely comments. Its easy to say how much they mean to me, but my goodness its true.

Here is this mornings find, picked up whilst the wee one and I braved the snow to do some errands. She very happily found a wee Peppa car (minus George!) in the Charity Shop too.

And thanks to the lovely lady in the library who cancelled by not insubstantial fines (and told me I should spend them on wine!). We need reminded sometimes of the kindness of strangers.

Have a brilliant weekend, keep warm and will for Spring as hard as you can!


  1. Happy Friday to you too Jo ... I have two of those little owls ... and the library fines ... how lovely ... I am a little scared to go back to ours as the fines will be frightening :) ... Bee xx

  2. I like that owl very much. And the library lady - how wonderful! I love it that there are people like that around. We've had tons of snow here too - stay warm! x

  3. I hope your weekend has been lovely Jo. What a handsome wee owl!


It is always amazing to know you read and comment - so thank you very much.