Thursday 31 October 2013

Hallow's Eve

I hope you did what you do on Halloween, and you did it good.  Here it was a pumpkin carving, sugar eating day, with pin the wart on the witch games (see my Dad, his invention).

But I've changed my views on all Hallow's Eve as the years have passed.  I've been unequivocally gothic in years gone by - with Halloween almost an affirmation of that type of living.  But growth as a person, and some measure of youthful self destruction eradicated, I can still see a celebration of death in life and life in death as being a healthy acceptance and acknowledgement of the cycle of life - all encapsulated in Halloween. 

All the spooky get up in the world doesn't hide what the 31st of October is actually about.  I once read of the tradition of setting an extra place at your table on the 31st to honour those who are no longer here - that is a gentle kindness to those we miss and have lost.  That's my filter for All Hallow's Eve - what is yours? 

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