Monday 21 October 2013

Time To Keep

As a child I holidayed in Dunoon - and I often go back with my family.  Where you made happy childhood memories is always bathed in nostalgia and well, rain if it is the west coast of Scotland!

We sidestepped the rain around the town, some of us with wings, and we went down spectacular roads banked with bright orange autumn ferns.  And then we came home, caught Roddy Woomble at the local folk club and the Good Food Show for some lovely artisan vinegars. 'Time to Keep' to paraphrase Roddy's new album ( 'Listen to Keep' - Roddy's evocative and beautiful new album title).


  1. My grandparents lived in Dunoon and I remember visiting them on various occasions - sometimes even in the sunshine! I remember it as an attractive seaside resort. I haven't been back since they died 30 years ago. I imagine it's changed a bit since then.

  2. I love Dunoon still. And I love your photos!


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