Tuesday 4 February 2014

Tuesday Again

It's becoming a bit of a habit that I write posts in my head but never take the time to set them out here. It's not that I don't take pictures, or don't write it all in my head - it's just that I often seem to think that is enough. And maybe it is sometimes, but it doesn't let YOU know what we are up to or what I'm thinking. It doesn't let me connect with you, so more of an effort please on my part!

So today, my precious mid week day off and the wee one and I took ourselves down to the West End. Just a little hour of shopping. You see those heart shaped cookie cutter, those were what we were after. They are for our Tuesday afternoon crafting. Something I am trying to establish with the kiddos to counter the TV, the iPod and the iPad. More of that later. 

The little heart (the wee ones), the dress and the teak pear bowl, well they were just the incidentals from too many charity shops in quick succession. And back to the dress (and the posts I write in my head) - I have been trying to wear a dress each weekend. Otherwise my uniform is BDG skinnies, and a jumper or tunic. I needed to make more of an effort so the 'Saturday dress' was born! And I do try not to wear them over jeans, but properly with tight or leggings. I can't promise a weekly outfit post but you may get a picture of the dress- we will see. 

Oh and I took Monday off this week which is always a good idea in my book. Anyway onwards and upwards and hope you all gave a good week.

Ps the wee one started stroking the soft willow buds and ended up grabbing an handful, made me chuckle! 


  1. I'd be doing the same as your little one - I love pussy willow buds, they're SO soft!
    Loving the sound of the Saturday dress too - it's all too easy to get stuck in an 'easy' clothes rut isn't it? I need to do something similar, but to make myself wear the 90% of my wardrobe that goes unworn! Good charity shop haul - and look forward to seeing the results of the Tuesday crafting session x

    1. Hi Helen, that crafting session is taking a long time to dry off! Thanks for commenting, lovely to gave you here, Jo xx

  2. I know how you feel. I actually write posts and save them as drafts and don't post them! And then it's two months later and the weather changed and the baby's older and it wouldn't make sense any more so it goes wasted.
    I left a reply to your comment on my blog. Just telling you as I'm sure no one ever goes back to check for replies and I said nice things about your hair that I don't want to go unread.

    Sometimes I'm not sure if my sense of humor translates well in the comment section. That was a joke. Well, half a joke. X

    1. Thank you Anna! I get you don't worry, you made me chuckle! Thanks again for visiting here. I really love your painting of the perfume bottle, Jo xx


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