Wednesday 28 December 2011

Holm Buy

We spent a few days after Christmas at my folks in Perth. When the wee  one went for a late morning sleep my Mum urged D and I to head down town for an hour or so- have a mooch, get a coffee just the two of us. We also had to pop into a wee old fashioned leather shop to pick up a diary insert for the lovely Italian Leather diary cover I bought D a few years ago. Its very rare that they have it in for Christmas and they tell us he is in a tiny minority of folk who still use paper diaries! That can't be true can it....

Anyway a Charity shop was on my radar and be still my beating heart, like literally it was pumping hard- there in the window was an orange enamel Catherin Holm bowl- pristine and £2 (pictured above in Mum's kitchen). This to me is just about the Holy Grail of charity shop buys. I mean sure I could buy one off eBay or etsy for £40 but well I don't really need it. I know they are a bit of a hackneyed modernist cliche these days but man there is a reason why they are popular. The Lotus pattern is just so pleasing to the eye. I will NEVER sell this, I LOVE it. I know enough of the shouting text, get real Jo, oh and the mug (s) - yes there were two and well they just jumped in my bag. Like I need more mugs- like a hole in the head I do.....

So some more pics of lovely things loved ones gave us in due course. The kids are asleep cup of tea and bed for me. xxxxx

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