Thursday 8 December 2011

Till Tuesday

A wee bit of snow is FINE- anymore and I will not be happy.Well really in Scotland its not just the snow, its the fluctuating temperatures. The black ice from the freezing temps is the worst.

So on Tuesday this week we kept warm, played in the snow a tiny bit. This was Nevie's first time walking in snow, she loved it! We started some Christmas decorating with beautiful twisted beech cut offs from my friend. The Oh Joy pipe cleaner words are to be covered in yarn and added to a garland inspired by James from Bleubird Vintage. Thank you James!

Very, VERY stormy here in Glasgow today, so battening down the hatches and gin and tonic in hand! xx

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  1. Lovely! I was supposed to be working Tuesday but sick boy meant I was off. I say sick - actually he was sick Sun eve but nursery bans them for 48 hours afterwards. But guilt about the not-working meant I stressed about needing to check emails rather than getting on with enjoying the snow or doing other fun stuff... shame. Now that I've got a house, after we finally unpack, I hope to start doing more creative stuff. Roll on the new year! xx


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