Tuesday 4 December 2012

Art for Advent

Its been a while.... Christmas can overwhelm..... But as long as I keep it focused on family, friends and the real spirit of the season I shall be fine!

I wanted to share with you my friend Wendy's 'Arty Advent'.  She is posting a different artwork every day of the Advent season.  I can't tell you how happy this has made me already.  It's a genius idea from a very, very special person. Wendy and I worked together and although I miss her I am glad I lost her as a colleague for her to go off and seek out her true creative path.  She is only just beginning so watch this space, great things will surely follow.

I am going to keep her link on all my posts in December, so check back yourself to see what she is up to! Jo xx


  1. This is a lovely idea! And both artworks are beautiful x

  2. How lovely Jo! I've missed your posts - but I know what you mean, I find this time of year quite intense - there's so much that needs doing, and loads more that I feel like I 'should' be doing - but I can't find the time for all of it! As you say, keep focused on the important bit and we'll be fine! I hope you're all well...take care lovely friend. Rachel x

  3. Lovely to see your post Jo ... like you I think Christmas and the festive season can be alot of pressure and this year it seems to have come around really quickly ... I think focussing on family, friends, great food and tradition is the main thing ... we should worry less about the commercialism ... my dad always says that we all remember experiences and not material things ... I try really hard to always remember this ... at Christmas and all through the year ... wishing you a lovely week ... Bee xx

  4. Hello, the artworks are lovely! Nice to have you back :-) x

  5. Good to see you back here! Art for Advent - what a lovely idea. You are right - this time of year can be crazy and it's good to take some time for family and friends and traditions. Hope you and yours are well. xx


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