Tuesday 11 December 2012

Winter Decathloners!

I have been slowed down by a horrible cold, but at last I got the turn today. My wee boy was ill so the three of us had a house day, watching Elf, Christmas decorating, snoozing and just taking time out. I think we all felt the better of it. It always seems like a marathon or some such extreme sport, life, at this time of year. Laurie Colwin called women 'winter decathloners' and I hear her through the years, indeed I do.

Love to you all and I have not commented much but I have really enjoyed all your own individual, thoughtful, stylish and heartfelt Christmas preparations and rituals. I know its going to be a magic Christmas! Jxx

{A few Instagrams of my morning frosted garden }

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  1. Glad you're all feeling better Jo and back in the running for the 'winter olympics'!
    Lovely frosty pictures, the frozen birdbath is pretty cool. Keep warm
    Jo x

  2. Glasgow looks cold in those pictures! Is that a strawberry in the last shot? Amazing. Glad you are starting to feel a bit better. x

  3. I'm glad your feeling much better. We don't even have any decs up yet and have been trying to finish decorating the lounge - something that we meant to have done ages ago but time seems to just whizz by at this time of year. Love your frosty pictures, Take care. xx

  4. So glad to here you are feeling better ... i love the frosty photos ... enjoy your week lovely ... Bee xx

  5. I love Elf :-) Glad you are feeling better! x

  6. ooooooooooooooooooooooo hope y'all get better soon! The photographs are amazing. Frosty strawberries! Who'd've thunk such things would be alive at this time of year to get frostbite!!!!??????!!!!!!! I don't know if plants are coming or going this year. I don't think they do either!
    Here's to healthier times! And thank for your kindness, encouragement and referrals to my blog! Much appreciated. Lots of love and stars and moons and suns and all things bright and sparkling! Wendy x

  7. I love your pictures, it seems like everyone in Blogworld is down and out right now. Myself included..feel better.

  8. Your day sounds really nice. I need a time-out day, I think. Your photo of the frosted strawberries is really magical. Get well soon! xx

  9. Hi Jo ... just a quickie to let you know you've won my giveaway ... could you send me your address to beefitzpatrick@hotmail.co.uk and I will send you your parcel ... thanks, Bee xx


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