Thursday 20 December 2012

Trees, Magic and Biscuits.

So time is accelerating, and preparations are very much underway. I have tried hard this year to keep it in perspective and buy or make presents with care and thought. Avoided the consumer nightmare where I can, with respect and thought we create our own celebrations. As the children grow (2 and 5) it is great to experience the magic of Christmas together! We are very excited!!

I know I am lucky to live in Glasgow and lucky to live in such a balanced area with green spaces and water available within minutes. Last weekend my wee boy and I took time out for a walk to a local park, passing some lovely Victorian windows on the way. We always make time to get to our woods but recently we neglected it a bit with the Christmas commitments. I can't tell you how much we loved our walk. This park looks over the city and is so urban but still can magic you away to the Magic Faraway Tree in seconds. We returned home refreshed and embarked on our annual Christmas biscuit making.

Happy continued preparations everyone!

Folk art angels and beautiful self portraits - check out my talented friend Wendy's Arty Advent. Leave her a wee note she would love to hear from you, Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo ... lovely to hear you enjoyed a lovely walk ... I have been housebound this last few days ... a horrible sore throat is doing the rounds here ... I was floored by it on Tuesday and am just starting to feel better now ... but one of my little men is not well tonight ... the joys of the winter virus ... haven't managed to post your parcel yet ... much apologies but I will send it asap ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  2. Totally agree with you Jo, it's so important to keep things in perspective. We've kept to a very simple Christmas this year, making, baking and only buying small gifts. And actually, it's been so much nicer. Have a wonderful Christmas lovely lady! x

  3. Your walk looks lovely! Such a gorgeous place you live! x

  4. Love the photo of the winter walk with the city skyline in the distance. You do have a lovely balance of city, country and coast where you live.

    I hope you have a fantastic Christmas, Jo.

    Gillian x

  5. Beautiful photos Jo. Also, maybe the best post title ever. Merry Christmas Lovely!!!


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