Sunday 23 June 2013

Folk Club

It was a typical West of Scotland summer evening, warm, close, but so, so wet.  Torrential at points. A good friend and I ventured to the local folk club for the first time.  We had kind of expected a raucous, smoke filled room, but then that is really just the images that my Dad's tales of youthful Humblebum's gigs (and other Scottish folk greats) have implanted on my mind.  It was BYOB, but I had never thought to check so it was steaming mugs of tea and diet coke for us!  As the night went on we saw beer, wine and cider produced from plastic bags on the floor- we will know for the next time!  The main attraction for us was the acts, Yvonne Lyon headlining and Andrew Howie as support.

These days Yvonne is rarely off my playlist having seen her play for the first time earlier this year. I have also seen Andrew before at a very special house gig.  To see them play on the same bill and together for a song was just perfect.  If you don't know either of them click on the links and check them out.  The picture above, captures perfectly, them playing a beautiful new song they have written together.

Roddy Woomble is playing the Folk Club in October, and he is another favourite of mine.  Then I will return with red wine, but I might still have a cup of tea at the break, served through the hatch by the organiser's mum (plain biscuits 3p, chocolate 20p!)!

{This post is for my Dad, a much, much better musician than he gives himself credit for.}

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  1. Plain biscuit for me please at 3p! Just popped off to hear Yvonne Lyon, really like her voice. I'll be listening to a bit more today. Lovely find. And it's so funny for me seeing Milngavie up there in your picture. It takes me back to being a bookseller in Glasgow. We used to take orders for books and you could always tell that it was one of our English staff who'd taken the order as they always put Milguy as the address! x


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