Saturday 1 June 2013

Some time has passed.........

All of a sudden so much time has passed since I last posted here.  How that happened I am not sure.

Its so good to have summer beginning.  We have had some beautiful sunny, happy days.  Some of them spent with family that we have been reconnecting with in a really joyful way.  Again I wish I could share more of it here but I can't.  But rest assured these are happy times around these parts.

The images above are of days where I have felt for the first time in years an optimism for the future, that sparkling, dazzling light of happiness that needs to be acknowledged when its fleeting light passes over you.

In other dispatches my two wee ones are growing so fast.  The oldest nearly finished primary one and an insightful and super positive report card brought home yesterday which brought tears to my eyes.

And quite unimportant but a nice little treat for me, some jewellery from Collard and Manson winged its way to me a few days ago.  A wonderful, edgy boutique based in Sheffield and which I could happily own everything it sells.

I hope everyone who visits me here is well and enjoying a bright and happy weekend.


  1. So glad you are enjoy this period of good times. Wishing you many more. The picture of the 3 girls is perfection. My heart swelled with the good report you received. It's so good when we know our little ones are doing well. My daughter just graduated from university, so I'm at the far end of the scale, but I know that feeling of pride (and relief).

  2. Hello there lovely Jo ... it's great to have you back ... so lovely to hear you are enjoying happy times ... the photo of the three little ones is gorgeous and I know what you mean about the dandelion clocks ... my wee ones love them too ... the one I used for the photo ended up blown all around my hall ... let's hope they don't take root in tiles ;) ... enjoy your weekend ... Bee xx

  3. Hi Jo, I'm so glad everything is going well for you and you are enjoying happy times. I love your rings, it looks like a lovely shop! That's great news about the report card too. xx

  4. It's nice to have time away from the online world occasionally, isn't it? How beautiful your Summer is looking already!

  5. Love that shot of the three girls! And well done to your oldest for her brilliant report :) Hope you carry on having lots of sunshiney, happy times xx

  6. It's good to see you post! That photo of the girls is BEAUTIFUL. so well framed, such movement.

    It is SO lovely to have summer days. It makes life so much easier, everyone more cheerful.

    Take care my lovely. Breaks from blogging usually mean either hard times or living life. I'm happy to see that yours has been for the living!

  7. Looks like you're having a wonderful start to your summer-- what beautiful sunny photos! It is so nice when you hear how your child is flourishing, isn't it? Happy to hear about that great report card!~
    Enjoy your summer! May you have lots of fun adventures!~

  8. So good to see you back here Jo! Hurrah for sun, happy days and happy children (and brilliant report cards!) x


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