Thursday 10 November 2011

Autumnal Thrifting

Now I know it seems like all I do is thrift shop but let me tell you its just once a week, its always just a few pounds and its just about the only indulgence that I give myself! Well apart from a bad Etsy habit now and again!

I feel like I am building my kitchen up like a nest for my family, odd as that may sound. I have always loved Tessa Kiros's books where she has such lovely bowls and jugs and serving platters- they are almost as memorable as the recipes themselves. So to gather an arsenal of serving ware, mugs etc etc gives me real pleasure- just as much as creating the lovely meals served in them for my family.

My heart skipped a beat today when I saw this chopping board- I have yet to establish but I am certain my Mum or my Nana had it- so familiar and nostalgia inducing was it when I saw it. Still in its shrink wrap and labelled 'Autumn Flowers'. Very apt.

The plates are lovely milk glass and just what I needed for family meals. So there you go two posts in one day. Must be a record!! xx

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