Sunday 13 November 2011

House Gig- Calamateur

Now I am rarely in touch with the current zeitgeist these days but on Friday night I might just have been.
Well thanks to my friend Nic anyway. She organised a house gig with Andrew Howie aka Calamateur. It was amazing and my pictures in no way do the event justice. Nic's house is beautiful and I tried to capture that with a few pictures. What I couldn't manage to capture though was the warm, red, fairy light and firelight lit room that the gig was held in. It was so so special and if you could bottle that atmosphere you would have the reason why house gigs are so 'now' and so popular. For me its the unique feeling of being in someones home, comfortable and warm, coupled with the excitement of live music, and how 'close' you get to the musician. And aren't we always told staying in is the new going out!

Andrew's music was 'gorgeous' to quote Nic- my personal favourite his cover of 'Jesus is for Losers' (think about it). You can check out Andrew here and if you are lucky enough to get the chance to go to a house gig jump at it. Funny enough though telling my Dad about it tonight (he is a bit of a musician) he said 'what's new about that we were doing that in the 60's folk scene'- So Nic if you are looking for more musicians he is available- and you may get some more Johnny Cash covers to boot! xx

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