Sunday 20 November 2011

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

Corny title but its Finn's favourite song and very apt as this weekend we celebrated my folks 40th wedding anniversary- the Ruby one!

They stayed at Cameron House and we spent the day with them and my brother and sister in law. It was a lovely day, very chilled. Though my dad did make a wee speech. The top picture was snapped by Finn and I LOVE it as its just captured my Dad perfectly. I think he was talking about falling in love with my Mum's big brown eyes here- we were all welling up!

There was cake, wine, play and a nice November walk. I am lucky with my family, very lucky.

We ended the weekend on Sunday, just the four of us, a quiet day today to recharge, we made cake and veggie stew (Finn on the mushroom chopping- a failsafe for kids to help, blunt knife, nothing can go wrong!). Bring on the week, we are ready for it. Jxxxx

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