Wednesday 23 November 2011

Till Tuesday

Wow I really am almost getting a little regular posting thing going here with these Tuesdays- and thank you Aimee for my title that just jumped out my head and onto the keyboard..... Its nice when things just happen without premeditation. I spend a lot of my life praying for things, wishing for things, worrying about things- somehow this blog has just become, and that makes me happy.

Quiet morning, while Neve had her nap I tidied, drank tea and then lay down for half an hour (we had been awake since 5am....) just relishing the quiet, the calm and a wee bit of sunshine coming in the window.

Afternoon was a Library trip, with eye watering fines for me (I kept that Lisa Stickley sewing book toooo long), quick charity shop trip- two nice bowls- my green and blue! An afternoon of painting, cooking and general larking about. That baby loves Gaga- leaping about as only a toddling toddler can do!

Till the next one, bye bye xx

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