Sunday 6 November 2011

Everything will be ok

Well this is how this morning is panning out for me- up since 5am with a small boy being sick. Baby woken too and well getting up just seemed easier. This sofa pulls out to a bed and its the best for poorly kids.

We seem to have been having a bit of a spell of sickness here- Nevie was sick in Asda on Friday- everywhere- and let me tell you its not a good place to have a vomiting baby- helpful they were not.

Man its hard balancing everything, already I'm thinking about how I will get through my working days this week with so little sleep and stress levels. But I don't really mind because if I can't be there for them when they are sick and I love them so much, its just how it is being a mother.

A quote I love is 'everything will be OK in the end and if its not OK its not the end', and I'm sorry I don't remember who its by and no energy to search just now! So if you can enlighten me so I can attribute properly that would be great. Cup of tea now.

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