Monday 20 February 2012

Comfort in a hug

Today this picture says how we have all been feeling here over the last wee while (bugs, sleepless nights, feeling poorly). This is called Comfort and I found it at the lovely Peonies and Polaroids, and its from here.

I love this image, there is nothing like a hug, with your partner, with your babies. It makes the world safer and smaller and more loving. Being a mother is complex, heartbreaking, and difficult at times- thank goodness a hug comes easy and works so well.

This made my Monday lots better, Jo xx


  1. Isn't it wonderful that something as simply as a hug can fix so many troubles.
    Hope all is well in your house x

  2. It is very, very true. I have spent the week looking after three tired, ill children. The instant comfort they get in a hug from me is amazing.

  3. Thanks Lizeylou and Lisa-Marie, your comments are lovely. The children are both well again thank goodness but I still have a bad cough. Off for a few days so hopefully some rest and relaxation will help. Jo x


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