Wednesday 15 February 2012

Till Tuesday

Now this all looks like an idyllic wee family day for me and the kiddos and well I suppose in a way it was- we were all together, we were warm and safe, in our cosy home........but were also all ill- snotty, coughy, achy and well grouchy, irritable and whingy. Them and also me by the end of the day! I seriously pulled out all the crafting I could muster, games and lots and lots of cuddles (and a lot of counting to ten, deep breath, cup of tea and time out for a harassed mum).

So all together now- BUGS BE GONE!!

1. Morning milk drinking hand holding.
2. Intravenous Coffee!
3. Potato print hearts.
4. Handmade kiddo Valentines.
5. See this picture- two dinners and lunch cooking all at the ONE TIME. Multi tasking fairy at work!
6. Thrifted plates from the weekend- washed and added to shelves.
7. Bumpsadaisy bear games.
8. New Hama.


  1. Oh my, I love that chair in the second photo! Is that a vintage where the side table is attached? Gorgeous!

  2. Hi there Mrs, Yes that is by beloved Ercol
    highback chair that my lovely husband bought for me, had recovered etc. This is a 1950's one. The wee table believe it or not is ikea. Search side tables on the website and sure you will find it. Its a lovely wee table, Stockholm range so not cheap but the wood matches the chair perfectly!
    Thank you for commenting! Jo x

  3. Those Valentines are adorable!

    I was about to ask about the Ercol...

    I hope you all get well and soon! :)


It is always amazing to know you read and comment - so thank you very much.