Thursday 23 February 2012

Till Tuesday

This is a 'Till Tuesday' with a bit of the weekend shoved in for good measure. As I have blogged before we have all been a bit poorly so I just didn't feel like doing a post at the weekend. I wondered if you did a straw poll of all UK Mama bloggers this last month- I bet kiddo sickness, bugs etc would feature highly. Anyway onwards and upwards!

We started with lovely fruit (vitamins!) on Saturday morning, then we got a new fence put up out back. As work went on all day we nipped off in the afternoon for the kiddos first trip around Glasgow's Clockwork Orange. The bubba hated it, witness the petrified wee face above- the boy on the other hand LOVED it!

We cooked some food for the week- with two wee helpers.

Tuesday we had a trip to Milngavie town centre and hit the Charity Shops. Top toy for the bubba by way of a Mystery Machine, an owl money box and a Royal Copenhagen Little Mermaid plate for me. The boy scored a cute wee Pingu purse but no photos allowed apparently!

My eye is trained for the particular shade of  Royal Copenhagen blue. Having had a Danish boyfriend  in the past and an amazing trip to Denmark for my 21st I have always loved all things Danish- a highlight was seeing the mermaid and this little plate was made for me. The fairytale is haunting- I have never forgotten the way she felt every step on land like sharp blades in the soles of her feet- a true reminder in a grim wee tale that Nothing comes without a price.

Finally we took Miss James from Bleubird Vintage's lead as usual and tried her homemade crayons- they were a big hit.

Anyway I hope you are all well and thank you again for reading.

My very best wishes Jo x

1. Finn's fruit.
2. Wee orange one on the Subway.
3. New fence.
4. Wee cooks.
5. Little Mermaid.
6. Mystery Machine.
7. Owl moneybox.
8. Homemade Crayons.

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  1. Love that bright red hair and the skirt! So sweet.


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