Sunday 5 February 2012

The last wee while

Sometimes in seems that everyone has a lovely, lovely life and when yours is sad or rubbish or just plain monotonous (the chores, the tears, washing the floor for the 10th time!!) well looking back at a few sweet moments is a good, good thing. I guess that is why I keep writing. And thank you for your lovely comments- it means a lot to me that you read!

Some wee high points in maybe a not so bad week after all. Jxx

1. A cheeky one.
2. Plates from my great grandmother (my mum passed them onto me).
3. As above.
4. Noah's Ark (played with so much two glue jobs in a week).
5. Bubba's milk drinking wee feet.
6. Sky over the high rise.
7. My new cardi.
8. Tiny bunting on the wee guy's new shelf.

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