Thursday 2 February 2012

Friendly Acorn!

Now I was feeling a wee bit guilty that the bubba had all the pretty things in her room so I was on the search for some lovely cards for the wee guys room. I came across Flora from Through the Round Window and snapped up one of her 'Friendly Acorn' cards.

Seriously this stuff is lovely. Already I am saving up for one of the stained glass acorns! Please- take a look it is all so well crafted and original.

So this will go on the boys shelf (that I have painted) when I get organised to get it up this weekend. The bonus Bright birds postcard made us shriek- we love it!

Just a wee reminder that the original work of artists and snail mail can be the nicest things around!
Thank you Flora!

Jo x

{photo credits from Flora Jamieson- thank you}


  1. The acorn is so sweet! Kellie xx

  2. I know we love them! Thanks Kellie x

  3. Oh my! It is so cute - it really is friendly!

    I am off to look! :)


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