Monday 3 October 2011

Birthdays in Yorkshire

The kids birthdays are one day after the other with only 90 minutes making the difference between them having the same day! We were always glad that they both had their own days, however this holiday their birthdays were just as we arrived, and lo and behold Finn decided they would have them both on the same day! These are a few pics from the day itself. We had a great day just the four of us together and the children got so many lovely presents from friends and family.

The crocheted eggs are the sweetest present from a good friend- we already had been given a wee egg when Nevie was born and this box has made the set!

The cake is courtesy of M&S, mainly because Finn loves bears and honey pots- And I still haven't recovered from making a replica Scoop the Digger cake for Finn last year whilst 9 months pregnant!

The pics of the kids are just my recent favourites taken on the birthday itself. xxxx

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