Tuesday 18 October 2011

Vogue Pattern Book- Winter 1970

I had to post these images from a 1970 Vogue Pattern Book that I acquired recently. If you ever see any of these in charity shops snap them up. They have beautiful illustrations, dated but lovely pictures and actually each one has a great craft section. I will post from the craft section later. I picked mine up at my friend Julie Houstons cool shop in Wigtown the Book End Studio.

These illustrations remind me of the Diana annuals from the 70's that I grew up with. The models are lithe and languid with detached expressions and very cool clothes. Typical of the 70's my mother always had patterns about when I was young and there is a lot of nostalgia in looking through this book.

Don't you love the last picture- is it an office setting or just their kitchen- and is that a Taurus the Bull picture on the wall. Quite a wee snapshot of 70's gender relations I would say!

More to come! xx

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