Thursday 13 October 2011

Vintage Ercol Nursing Chair

When my other half's folks moved from Inverness back to Glasgow their removal van made two stops. One at their new flat and one at our poor old wreck (as was) of a house. To my eternal shame I have to say I was less than enthusiastic about some of the things that came off the removal van. So So sadly several vintage rugs met their end in our construction site of a house and for that I will forever be sorry! (think 60's atomic midcentury coolness).

This very sad looking, but lovely shaped chair was unloaded. Yes as you can see it was BROWN in capitals, brown leather, brown velour and none of it in a neutrals nice way! Well because of its cute shape we kept its for years. And also that it had been D's Grandmothers 'nursing chair' for her two children. It even has a hidden compartment in its base for nappies!

Fast forward quite a few years and in my mad 'trying to get so much house stuff done' final stages of Nevies pregnancy- last year- I decided to get it reupholstered. I found an amazing upholsterer here in Glasgow who re-did it sympathetically and in heavy purple velvet. Purple aside from green is my absolute favourite colour. He even did the seat in this lovely fabric which is a wee bit too light for upholstery but I persuaded him to try it. It worked like a dream. I love it so much and it was Nevies nursing chair (lucky Finn had an Eames RAR). It carries on a family tradition which is lovely. It is almost a bit Bloomsbury, you could see it in Charleston couldn't you!

The final bonus was finding out it was an early Ercol chair- the upholsterer found the label and kept it for me. It is indeed a thirties chair if the shape wasn't already a give away.

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