Monday 24 October 2011

A Rare Night Out Together

I am posting this because it is such a rarity. We hardly ever go out D and I these days. We should but you know sometimes its just easier to stay in (getting kids down before babysitter, getting selves looking presentable etc etc). But we resolved to JUST GET ON WITH IT and book a nice meal. It was really for D's birthday which is always overshadowed by the kids ones being so close.

Talking about presentable- the top pic- ignore the clothes hanging everywhere is me with skirt that D bought me for the evening. How good is that as its so my style and fits perfect. Pic 2 of me is meant to show a lovely vintage silk blouse- as usual my pics let it down. Take my word its nice- little vintage brooch of a kingfisher at the neck.

So a good friend looked after the kiddos and we went out to a lovely seafood cafe. The pic of food may look odd but it was so so good. Its whitebait with garlic mayo and halfway through before I remembered to photograph it! We also had omlette Arnold Bennet (me) and angel hair pasta with crab and prawn (D). It is so nice to be served food these days and we so appreciated the nice service. Bet the staff can tell harassed parents of young kids that Don't Get Out much a mile away!

Ended up in a bar for a drink with live music- La Rocha (geddit?) a Rage Against the Machine cover band- nice loud end to a good one.

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