Thursday 6 October 2011

In my end is my beginning

We had a great family day out at Bolton Castle when we were in Yorkshire. Its a medieval castle and as such is quite bare in the rooms that are on show (for that read ideal for bundles to wreak havoc in!). Its a mix of ruin and fortified keep. The grand hall and other huge empty rooms were so much fun for Finn to run about in.

For me it was interesting and poignant as Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned here for 6 months. The last picture was apparently her favourite window and she sat here gazing out, remembering and embroidering. Her motto in those days of imprisonment was 'in my end is my beginning'. She had an amazing faith which she took solace in until the end.

It did seem like a special place and the pictures capture the eerie light outside. The view from that window was beautiful- so that is some consolation. x

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