Friday 21 October 2011

Bits & Pieces

This was today- a good day. Lots of play in the house as it was raining but a trip out to bounce and rhyme at the library, our usual charity shop checks which netted the fab retro plate and some food shopping.

I was determined to have a great day as my other day off this week was not so cool- fractious kids, tantrums, sore head and too early in the week for it to be an end in sight!

Nevie had her two sleeps and me and my boy had time to do stories and cuddles- just what a jealous four year old needed. I even sneaked 5 minutes to do a wee bit more on Nevie's dolls dress.

Finally- not all my days are like this- I won't blog bout the horrors! And Miss James from Bleubird Vintage inspired this. Check her out she is such a cool Mama.

1. Dolls new dress.
2. Raisins and play.
3. Tigger boy.
4. New plate.
5. Lunch.
6. Play.
7. Old is best.

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