Thursday 27 October 2011

Lori's Sugo

Tonight I made Lori's recipe for sugo. Lori was my very good friend for an intense few years in the late nineties. I met her on a college work placement and she took me under her wing. It was a crucial time for me- I was finally working in housing- doing something that made a difference and that I love to this day. I was single and Lori and I had a ball so many good nights after work with a few glasses of red. Our friendship was intense, like a love affair, we were inseparable.

Lori taught me a lot of things and one of them was to make a perfect sugo cooked with Italian sausage- she was Italian, second generation. She taught me that Negronis are an awesome cure for heartache, that NOTHING isn't improved upon with a good coffee, that all your favourite art around you in your home makes you happy and that the Silencers are the best Scottish band ever-fact.

Lori meant so much to me and its one of my great regrets that we both lost touch living within the same city, and that I never saw her again before she passed away a few years ago . Reasons mean little as time goes on though and I remembered her so intensely tonight as I cooked her dish for David and I. It was lovely, the smell of it cooking evoked good past times and I have posted a picture of the photograph that she gave me for my 25th birthday- its a monument in Glasgow's Necropolis. It hung in Bargo- a cool bar we hung out in back in the day.

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